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Search Engine Optimization

Are you tired of hearing the word SEO everywhere but unsure about what exactly that means? SEO stands for search engine optimization, it is the process of tweaking your website to organically rank yourself better on the search engine pages. Yes, please note the stress on the word organically.

You can rank on search result pages through paid ads, but how awesome would it be if the search engine voluntarily listed out your website and details on its front page when someone looks up for a product or service that your business offers? You pay nothing out of your pocket and the conversion rates are going to be definitely higher in this case. .

When you make use of a popular keyword, that is going to amount to a lot of visitors and who wants to miss out on that! Your business builds trust, credibility, and brand identity when you rank on the first page. That is probably the reason why most businesses today lean on attracting visitors to their website through search engine optimization.

Have you ever really thought about how Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other popular search engine magically list out names when we type in a word or query? It doesn’t happen by the wave of a wand, for sure. Google or any other search engine has crawlers which gather all the information that it can find on the internet. Like spiders build a web, these crawlers build an index. With the help of an algorithm, the search engines display pages that contain data that closely match our queries.

A few years back, getting better SEO results was not as difficult as it is today. Analysts used to trick the search engines by generating spammy backlinks and by employing other black hat tricks to find their way to the first page of Google. But luckily, Google has devised methods to identify these sites and ban them. The first thing you need to learn about SEO is that there’s no secret formula to SEO.

So how do you convince the search engine that your website and its content are genuine? This requires time, patience, and above all commitment. The ill-defined rules of SEO are going to make you feel nauseated if you are new to this. But once you try to learn them and master them on the go, there is nothing as interesting and fruitful as SEO. Our goal is to give your website a makeover that it requires in content, images, and user experience so that it is easily discoverable by search engines.

It’s always best to start to play by the SEO rules in the initial stage of developing a website. If you want to build an SEO friendly website, we have the expertise and experience to do it for you. But if you already have a website and want to drive more organic traffic, well, congratulations! As they say, it’s better to be late than never. So, give us a call and get started with your SEO mission today in Calicut (Kozhikode).



No of Keywords 5-10 10-20 20+
Recomanded SEO Time Period 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Keyword Research Yes Yes Yes
Compitetor Research No 2 5
Trafic Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Website Technical Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Content Optimization Yes Yes Yes
GMB Optimization No Yes Yes
Social Media Optimization No Yes Yes
Doc Type Yes Yes Yes
Tag Optimization Yes Yes Yes
URL Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Image Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Sitemap Creation Yes Yes Yes
Favicon icon Yes Yes Yes
Robert Text Yes Yes Yes
Canonicalisation Yes Yes Yes
Page Linking Yes Yes Yes
W3 school Validation Yes Yes Yes
Broken Link Checking Yes Yes Yes
Text Code Ratio Creation Yes Yes Yes
Google Local listing Yes Yes Yes
Page Rank Linking(Algorithm) Yes Yes Yes
Dirctory Submission 25 50 100
Blogging 1 2 4
Gust Blogging No 1 2
Forum Marketing 1 2 4
Social Bookmarking 5 10 20
Photo Sharing YES YES YES
Review Writing No YES YES
Video Sharing YES YES YES
Q&A Submission 1 2 4
Local Listing 1 2 4
Article Submission 1 2 4
CSS Submission 1 2 4
SEO Monthly Report YES YES YES
WhatsApp Chat YES YES YES
Monthly Working HR 25 HR 50 HR 100 HR
MONTHLY PRICE (INR) 10000.00 15000.00 20000.00+